Our philosophy of Sustainable Business Success means crafting a workplace in which company goals are effectively and efficiently met in an environment that is respectful, fair AND free of abuse and intimidation.

Our take on Life is about refraining from personal judgement and assigning accountability where it belongs. We can only control what we do, think and say and others can be accountable for their own behavior. Trying to control others is manipulation and people are manipulated in life as they are in the workplace.

We’re frustrated when:

  • companies allow bullies to abuse and victimize their employees;
  • when good employees quit because they’re targeted by a bully;
  • an employer tries to handle a bully who’s harmed others, but becomes manipulated into seeing the bully as a victim;
  • an employer pays a financial settlement to get a bully to go away

Things we write and tweet about:

  • Economics
  • Social Media
  • Customer service
  • Workplace culture
  • Toxic employees and bullies
  • Mental Health at work and in life
  • Very good and very bad leadership
  • Sustaining long term business success
  • International human resource management
  • Racial, religious and gender inclusion and discrimination


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