Employee Life Cycle: opportunities to transmit culture

Pre-service (attachment)


  • Vacancy: New job is added; employee resigns or employee is dismissed
  • Job Analysis: job design/review, establishing qualifications, selecting source
  • Recruitment: Sourcing and advertising
  • Selection: Application, screening, interview, offer, acceptance
  • On-boarding: Policies, HR paperwork, receive corporate culture materials
  • Employee orientation: culture orientation, job shadowing, practice

Early service (engagement)


  • Benefits: Employee signs up for benefits and begins receiving EBT, perquisites
  • Contribution: Employee begins contributing in the real job
  • Coworker relations: Ongoing interactions with co-workers at all levels
  • Employee guidance: supervision, evaluation, engagement,

2-year mark is the greatest threat of turnover (retention)

Medium service (seasoning)

  • Experience building: training and development, re-licensing, credentialing, re-qualifying
  • Giving back: helping to train less seasoned coworkers

Long service (adaptation and flexibility)

  • Employee re-contributing: retraining, lateral transfers, promotions
  • Cutting back and giving back: part time and flexible assignments as employees “semi” retire but continue contributing and mentoring less seasoned coworkers

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Author: Suzanne Benoit

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